The Boyz Breakie     22

Poached eggs, pork sausages, bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans, light rye sourdough

The Girlz Breakie     18.5

Poached egg, bacon, smashed avocado, fetta, mint & onion, seeds, thick cut multigrain

Breakie 2 Die 4     22

no alterations – thank you  Fried eggs, spinach, field mushroom, tomato, bacon, hollandaise, thick cut dark rye

Boyz Eggs Benedict

Softly poached eggs and hollandaise on sourdough or multigrain with your choice of:

Champagne Ham  16.5,  Baby Spinach  16.5,  Bacon  16.5,  Smoked Salmon 17.5

Boyz Breakie Bagel     20

Scrambled eggs, swiss cheese, bacon, smokey BBQ sauce, seeds, toasted bagel

Dukkah Eggs     19

Poached eggs, bacon, beetroot hummus, pesto, thick cut dark rye

The Hash Stack     19

Rosemary hash browns, poached egg, grilled haloumi, tomato salsa, chilli coulis

Apple Crumble Waffles     25

Apple rhubarb crumble, vanilla bean ice cream, Canadian maple syrup

Hotcakes     16

Berry compote, vanilla bean ice cream, Canadian maple syrup

Banana Bread     10

Toasted with honey date butter

Cranberry Porridge     16

Chia seeds, crushed nuts, shaved coconut, honey

Boyz Muesli     15

House made toasted muesli, raspberry yoghurt

Toast     6

Light rye sourdough or multigrain, butter and your choice of strawberry preserve, vegemite or peanut butter

Artisan Fruit Loaf     8.5

Butter, strawberry preserve

Free Range Egg     10

Style Choices 2 eggs served to your liking on light rye sourdough or multigrain

Side Orders

Add a few to your breakfast order: each/ps
Smoked Salmon 6.0
Bacon, Mushroom, Rosemary
Hash browns (2) 5.0
Sausages, Haloumi 4.5
Avocado, Smashed Avocado,
Fetta, Tomato, Spinach 4.0
Canadian Maple Syrup 3.5
Extra Egg 3.0
Onions, Hollandaise 3.0
Gluten Free Bread 2 slices 3.0
Vanilla Bean Ice cream 2.0
Extra Piece of Toast 1.5